GIGATweaker Free Powerful & Compact Solution to Optimize and Tweak your Windows 7 Tweaker is a free powerful and compact tool that allows you to optimize and tweak your Windows 7. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and can be used as a portable application. GIGATweaker is one of the best and fastest programs that combine the highest comfort, compactness and power. GIGATweaker is completely portable and lightweight tool with built-in Startup Manager and UnInstall Manager. All changes made by GIGATweaker

Tweak PDF 2.01: Tweak the initial view of PDF document and compress PDF file.
Tweak PDF 2.01

The startup layout and view of any PDF document can be tweaked with the PDF Tweak software. You can even tweak PDF version from 1.0 to 1.7 and even to PDF version 2.0 for compatibility concerns, and shrink PDF files by setting the compression level and choosing the compression algorithm.

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XP Tweak 1.0

XP Tweak allows you to customize your access control settings for your Windows software. Lots of people using your computer? Don`t want them changing your settings? XP Tweak is the program for you. And it`s free! XP Tweak also comes with an Internet Explorer customizer, and a Windows Cleaner, which will erase sensitive history data that you may not want others to see. Try XP Tweak today.

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Advanced XP Tweak 2.52

Tweak software. Windows gets better with every year but there is always some room for development and improvement. Why wait for Microsoft to come up with something when you can enjoy the benefits of our product NOW as a free evaluation version? Advanced XP Tweak allows you to fine-tune your Windows XP and Internet Explorer easily and safely. It is the best way to tweak and optimize your Windows XP system. Advanced XP Tweak gives your system the look

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TweakVI Basic 1.0.1170: Tweak hundreds of hidden features of Windows Vista
TweakVI Basic 1.0.1170

tweaking utilities, TweakVI bundles lots of different utilities in one. It was developed to combine both tuning and optimizing features to increase the speed of your Windows Vista system. It`s the worlds first software for Windows Vista to combine both customization, tweaking and optimization features. You will need hours to browse through all the features of TweakVI: Activate hundreds of hidden Windows Vista settings, clean your registry, activate

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Registry Tweaker Registry Tweaker 2 is a tool for customizing Windows Hidden and usual settings.
Registry Tweaker

Registry Tweaker is a tool, for applying registry tweaks on Windows platforms. It supports Windows 2000/XP/2003. The program is very customizable, you can add, edit tweak database, create profiles and export them to *.reg files. Everything is done just with a few clicks.

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Tweaki...for Power Users 4.3.1: Configure, secure and manage Windows, MS Office and Internet Explorer.
Tweaki...for Power Users 4.3.1

Tweaki`s Undo feature lets you revert back to the original setting. Bold or colorize features you have modified allowing you to see at a glance what items are not set at a default value. Not only can you apply Tweaki`s features to the computer Tweaki is installed upon -you can also apply them to any computer on a network. You can even apply changes to multiple computers at once. No need to install software on every computer -just connect to the computers

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